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Best instrumental soundtracks


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Yes, yes and Yes.

Mansell's music for The Fountain is great (for both that and Requiem I found the music to be better than the films).

Zimmer's music for The Thin Red Line (Journey to the Line standout track).

Nyman's scores for The Piano & Gattaca.

The Truman Show soundtrack (some Glass pieces from other flicks & original Dallwitz compositions).

The Zimmer/Newton Howard collab for The Dark Knight is fucking phenomenal.

Elfman's '89 Batman score. Liked his themes for Spider-Man and Hulk but the overall scores were a bit lacking (some great tracks on the latter though).

Soundtracks for Eyes Wide Shut, Clockwork Orange, 2001... Kubrick knew his stuff when it came to picking pieces. Carlos' stuff for The Shining is great too.

Williams: Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Close Encounters. His score for my favourite film, A.I., is beautiful

Soundtrack for Shutter Island (again, non-original) is good stuff.

Edelman's score for The Last of the Mohicans, track Promentory is the definition of EPIC.

Soundtrack for In the Mood for Love.

I used to listen almost exclusively to film soundtracks, not as many come to mind now as they would back then.

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