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New York City "Surprise Gig" Review


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psst... Beta is back online again. lets try not to scare her off again.

I don´t think Beta gets scare off because our posts ... :thumbsup: She is stronger than that ... :lol:

DJ Ashba is an incredible addition to the band. Has that authentic soulful sound when he plays - much better than Fink - glad he is gone and DJ is in....

People don't line up to buy music anymore - there's been this little evolution since then called the internet and MP3s that has killed the need to buy hard albums. And who the F cares about that anyway?!?! The Grammy's lists Green Day as "ROCK" - what a joke that is! Slash makes a fool of himself playing with Jaime Fox, I don't know what's more sad seeing Slash so desperate that he doesn't even know he's become a characteror of his own self and allows himself to be exploited like a fool - or maybe it's him exploiting himself because he's got nothing else going for him. Everyone knows the worst GNR song is better than the best Velvet Revolver song - and there is no velvet revolver anymore.

Watching the Grammy's just exposes how pathetic the state of music is these days.....very little talent anymore....almost no one writes their own material...and everything is just synthesized to hell and these hacks get up there and lip sync flapping their arms up and down like chickens.

And in the midst of all of this....on a Thursday night in NYC...Axl Rose and GNR remind us once again that raw rock still exists...at it's purist form by true artists. I will take that anyday over some overblown awards show

The only negative comments on here are from jealous idiots who didn't have the oppotunity to attend and some KO'd never was Madison who is still trying to figure out which way is up after the beat down

Welcome to the board RL...thanks for adding some much needed common sense to the thread...show was unreal. Band was awesome and DJ Ashba is cooler than shit. Madison and her minions tried to hijack this thread and steal the excitement, fans like yourself wouldn't let that happen...Rock on man,


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