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My Little Bit of Chinese Democracy History


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Ok, I'm gonna put a link here, but for those who haven't heard it I hope you enjoy it and for those that have heard it - I never knew just how popular this interview became, I've found links to it on Russian websites and Polish websites and transcribed into several different languages. So, I taught I might just tell you some secrets about this interview:


It was conducted in October 2008, which you already know, but was actually organised entirely by myself....I'm the Irish voice you hear nervously interviewing Chris....and while I'd already interviewed Ron (twice if I remember correctly) I had wrote to Chris on MySpace and never expected to get an answer - assuming that the MySpace was fake. This is also, to my mind, the first EVER interview with Chris Pitman since I have never heard him quoted and had NEVER heard his voice prior to this moment in time. By an amazing stroke of luck Chris wrote back to me on the Wed night that Chinese Democracy's "pre-sale" launched and with my show on the Thur morning it was just a case of waking him up at 4am LA time to speak with him.

The station it was broadcast on was Leith FM, a community radio station, based in Edinburgh in Scotland. I was volunteering with them at the time and I had to get their permission to make such a phone call to LA at 11am in the morning - or 12 noon - so thanks to David Morrison, the GM at the time, for allowing that to happen. As you can tell he was very gracious and answered all my questions without any problems - it was always my one regret that I never got to receive any emails from fans. I found out about the interview at 11pm on the Wed and emailed him back....he answered the email (at 9am the following morning with his personal cell number) and I phoned him a few hours later hoping he had stayed up, and he had. Chris also sent me a couple of things after the interview including a signed copy of the 'Sex Tapes' CD and that was really nice of him

Anyway, I recently opened an account here and haven't posted on any forums in a while but I just wanted to share that with you. If I can find the Ron interview I also did then I'd be happy to repost it for those who haven't heard it. Thanks for reading this and letting me bore you lol


The Megaupload link above is the Ron Thal interview from ITTFM, its actually the entire show from that night, but he's in there!

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I remember this, it blew my mind that one of the few Chinese Democracy interview granted was with Leith FM in Edinburgh :D Its a good interview, I'd be interested in the Bumblefoot interview you have.

Check the Megaupload link at the bottom of my post, the file is in .wma format and Bumblefoot is interviewed about 25 minutes into the file....its a rather interesting interview

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