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What does "Prostitute" mean....to you?


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Prostitute is to me... a very nice hidden piano piece. I spent hours trying to figure out what was played on piano in the background while listening to the records and finally manage to get it all (I think). I love playing that song on piano.

This song, as most songs on CD, but especially this one could have been much much rawer, but I like the fact you really have to pay attention to hear some of the piano parts.

What the songs means to me, to put it bluntly: don't bow down, don't bend over, be true to yourself, and that's what Axl has always been about.

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I know its not about this, but one day I was listening and thought of the story of Judas betraying Jesus

"I told you when i found you, if there were doubts you should be careful, but unafraid"

"I wont ask of you, what I would not do"

"Up and away is what ive gotta do"

etc etc

But i'd say not selling out is the main point

Wow, I thought the same thing. I listen to CD a lot when I'm walking and I walk a lot. Over time, it seemed to me to be a conversation between Judas and Jesus.

For example:


It's not a question of

Whether my heart is true


I had to pull thought

Look for a new

Beginning on you

Oh I got a message for you

Up and away

It's what I gotta do

Forgive what you have

For what you might lose.

Judas response:

What would you say

If I told you that I'm to blame

And what would you do

If I had to deny your name

Where would you go if I told you

I love you and then walked away

N' who should I turn to

If not for the ones

You would not save

I can't believe anyone else tied that to Judas.

:lol: I dunno, I was probably listening to it while I was revising R.E

But its like, you can tie certain lyrics into anything really.

Also ''Please those that laugh in my face''---Jesus and Saducees/Elders etc :book:

Axls probably laughing at how wrong we are :rofl-lol:

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I've always seen it as an explanation for his actions. Why he doesn't want to sell out and couldn't just continue with the old GnR just for the money.

He says in the song, that we knew what type of guy he was when he first met us, and that hasn't changed, so why are we to expect anything else. Plus I think he is commenting on the media and their bloodsucking tendencies to make money off of sensationalism and other people's misery.

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Some of Axl's best lyrics. Maturity, life, acceptance, moving on, love, loss, pain... It's overwhelming to listen to. TWAT is my fav. track off CD (also one of my all-time fav. songs), but Prostitute is prob my 2nd fav. on CD.

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