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Need some "Yesterdays" love.


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I think there's some love, alright :)

And PLEASE don't quote GeorgeGlass, he's a cupcake, people.

Yesterdays and Catcher are the songs I most look forward to hearing live. And I love Yesterdays (studio, demo, live performances, both official videos) great song.

I wish I had the full video of Yesterdays @ Sao Paulo

Yeah, I love it. This version is the one on Live Era, right?

I was only nine :anger: :anger:

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Axl is GnR. W all love Axl. GnR isn't GnR without Axl. GnR is GnR with anyone at any other 'position' but singer. I'm not saying current GnR is bad (I actually thing it's the best post original line up yet). But face it, not one memebrs opinion means a damn thing. No way say Ashba approaches Axl, "hey, lets play your old song Estranged"....Axl would laugh and say 'come again'? Why are you talking to me"?

Yes, which is exactly what comes across if you here people talking about working with Axl, isn't it? <_<

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I have always really liked this song -- it was the complete antithesis of the other "ballads" on the Illusion discs -- fast, taught, to-the-point. Axl's vocals were at a peak on this track, and I think the music video -- in retrospect -- is almost eerily prescient. You could pretend that video was made from archive footage in the late '90s after the band broke up, and all the footage and the nostalgic style of the video itself would seem really fitting. It's almost like whoever put together that video could tell the band's days were numbered.

This was kinda my impression, too. What I see is a disillusioned Axl, looking much older all of a sudden than in the other UYI vids and not just because of the unusual pigtail hair style. A band falling apart, each member doing his own thing already, no visible contact or interaction between them. Eery, that's the right word. :huh:

Edit: We're talking about this: http://www.myvideo.de/watch/5568791/Guns_N_Roses_Yesterdays

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Come on.

Everyone talking about Civil War this, Estranged that, and nobody says anything about Yesterdays? :D

I like Yesterday, but Civil War and Estranged are much better, hehe

Estranged is the best GNR song.

But in my opinion, Yesterdays > Civil War.

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