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First SOLD OUT concert in Brazil!


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I think this is gonna be hands down the most exciting guns tour stops ever...i'm sure TV stations down there will get us some HD vid...i'm wondering too if maybe Izzy comes down...havent heard anyone ask about him, but i'd be suprised if these gigs might not entice him to want to be involved and i'm sure SA would appreciate it.

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And I'm not going to that one :(

Next is probably Rio.

Noope. Next is Brasilia or São Paulo. Rio is the only one which still has tickets available in all the sectors. But then again, it's outdoors, so maybe they're jamming as much people as they can in there and we're gonna die. \o/

Edit: I just checked the website and it didn't sell out yet. They made a few more tickets available.

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This was to be expected. Argentina's 70,000 seater sold out, so Brazil was only a matter of time with 15,000.

Wrong. It's only one concert in Argentina, people from the whole country are attending.

In Brazil they're doing concerts in 5 capitals, with a total of 150,000 tickets.

So it was expected that the concerts in Brazil would take more time to sell out.

This are the venues capacity:

Nilson Nelson Gym, Brasilia = 25,000


Mineirinho Arena, Belo Horizonte = 25,000


Palmeiras Stadium, São Paulo = 45,000


Apoteose Park, Rio de Janeiro = 40,000


Gigantinho Arena, Porto Alegre = 15,000


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Whatever show will have the largest attendance, that should be put out on DVD/Bluray.

Why? A larger attendance doesnt necessarily mean a better show, they should pick whatever show has the best performance and put THAT on DVD

Agreed, but at this point, I'll settle for ANY show on DVD. If not an official one, let's hope we get some live streams or television broadcasts. Then we can at least make our own. ;)

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