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he is one good fucking guitarist..... If i could play half this good as this man, i would be so fucking happy. I saw him last July, he moves like a 30 year old and sounds and plays like one. He hasn't lost his voice or finger speed. Please, if your a fan of blues and rock see this man. Even if you dont know any songs.... My dad, uncle and brother were not to excited to see him, but after they left they thought it was amazing.

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Heck yeah he's amazing.. and has deeply influenced some of my all time favorites -Angus Young and Slash. He embodies funky rock n roll blues. Incredible you got the chance to see him! Thats a real treat & learning experience for any musician

its not too late for you to see him. He plays probably at least 100 shows a year still. Here is a video from my show. I didn't record it but, i was that close to the stage. It was amazing.....

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