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Listen Bumblefoot's interview to brazilian radio program!


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Can someone type up the highlights?


- Startet off with telling how much he enjoyed the show in Brasilia. It was the loudest, most crazy crowd ever. Also told how much he loved the big flag!

- He were asked about how they decide who play what part on each song, and if he sometimes wants to push for example DJ away to play some of his parts. Bumble was all cool just telling it's never about the spotlight, he doesn't need that. He just want to be a part of the band, and help playing the songs, and if it ends up good and the audience like it, it's a success. Who play which solo is just random. It's more like 'Do you wanna play that one? No, you play that! Okay!' or someone say 'I think you would sound great at that one

- Runs away suddenly and scream 'I'm just getting some water, don't go anywhere, wait for me!!!!'

- When asked about a future record he tells right now they need to just focus on CD and give it everything it deserves with the tour etc. But there is no secret there are songs from the CD writing period that still is around.

- He loves the foot there and had a long rant at the end of the interview about how fat he'd be if he eat brazilian food all day, and how he'd roll aound on the stage.

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