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The OFFICIAL São Paulo Concert Thread - March 13, Brazil


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I will be doing updates from NiGhTrAiN® so far his updates are like this, he attended the DJ Ashba Meet N' Greet:

Small place long line black shirt hot sun 2 hours ago

haha they think Iam a journalist everybody out but Im still here 39 minutes ago

i am a lier told them iam w jarmo 37 minutes ago

still here LMFMA 17 minutes ago

How can I see this? don`t get it :shocked:

go to this site:


when he streams it will come on by itself, just leave it up

and when he is not streaming live his vids are up to watch

Is this audience cam or real deal???....

audience cam, there is no live streams from the band...

Ah, thats cool, great stuff anyways. :thumbsup:

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On Saturday 13th March 2010, @DJASHBA said:

What an AMAZING turn out of around 400 fans for the Meet N' Greet!! Thank you all so much for coming out!! You'll never know how much it means to me! So Excited about the show tonight! 40,000 Sold Out!!! See you there!

coming from ashba's twitter

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According to some sources, there will be an earthquake in Sao Paulo today at 9 pm. Epicenter: Parque Antartica! Rock Sao Paulo GNR !!!!! I wish I was there!!!! rock1 rock3rock3:P

LOL. I don't think I've ever wanted to be in an Earthquake so badly.

Ahaha!! +1000!

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images sources gunnersbrazil + perfectcrimegnr

User Nightrain update:

# Chilling n' taking loads of pictures 17 minutes ago via sms2blog

# starting to get dark lights fired up 11 minutes ago via sms2blog

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I have some SP fans pics here with the band and a LOT of pics from BH concert. What can I do to put them here?

tinypic.com select your photo and upload it, it gives you link, then pu in threads of that show, like the BH thread for your BH pics

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