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Really awesome live show by Chris Cornell

Estranged Reality

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Saw him on the solo tour in 2007, and he had NO problem with the Soundgarden songs, it was a 2 plus hour concert., doing "Jesus Christ Pose" and "Slaves and Bulldozers" towards the END - no problem (well..nobody's perfect, and if they are, they're lip syncing). But that ragged voice he had going for a while was gone at the show I saw.

Hopefully Soundgarden will be doing a few of the solo songs like "Wave Goodbye" and a couple of Audioslave songs. There's enough You Tube footage from the tour to c

I think they'll be BETTER now than they were in 1996, you could hear it in those shows that it was time for a long break.

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Interesting collaboration, but his voice is meant for rock... same thing can be said about Mick Jagger. I'm just glad Jagger and Timba didn't work together, because the last thing the world needs is another Mick Jagger solo album.

His album with Timbaland sucked, but he's definitely a great singer. Looking forward to the Soundgarden reunion.

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saw Chris last April in Ottawa...front row - wasnt a crowded venue at all but what a performer! and has crazy electric blue eyes...tiny guy too...but great voice! probably the highlight of the year next to seeing Ben Harper

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