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Chi Dem songs on Radio?


Heard CD songs on radio?  

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HTZ FM. A St. Catharines/Niagara Falls, Canada radio station. They are pretty much uncensored and don't care what songs have been officially released. I've heard the whole album on there. Anyone that was at the Toronto Pre-Show Party knows who they are, cuz I brought em' to the Loose Moose for a live-to-air show.

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I live in U.S.A.

I heard "Chinese Democracy" a couple of time back in October of 2008 - and nothing since.

By the Way ...

I requested Slash's "By the Sword" a couple times last week. The first time they played "Used to Love Her" and the second time they played "Patience."

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When CD came out, my radio station played the entire album, for the entire day, on loop (big GNR fans I guess). They didn't even censor out Riad!

Now I hear mostly old GNR, but every once in a while CD comes on or Better. I requested Better a few weeks ago, and it got played.

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CD, Better, and Shackler's.

believe it or not - every once and awhile I call up the station I listen to and request Chin Dem.

shackler - really? was it played as part of a preview or just played on its own?

if i turned on the radio and heard shacklers i would pee myself.

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Last time was yesterday when I heard Street of dreams on the radio.

I've also heard Better and Chinese democracy on the radio. And maybe some others too...but at least those three are certain. And all of them multiple times.

Oh, and once in a bar they were busting If the world from the speakers.

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I have heard Better and ChiDem but this was back in 08. They play the songs that there is a demand for. People will always wanna hear WTTJ,PC,SCOM,YCBM,NR,etc. There is no anthem on ChiDem that can compete with these songs.

in the past year ive heard

CD x 2

SOD x 7-8

WTTJ - 1

PC - 1

KOHD - 1

YCBM - 1

DC - 1

not disagreeing with you, i agree the older material definitely gets more play, and my specific location is biased as GNR was coming this year and the city received 06' gnr really well, but just saying it was nice to see some representation.

also Q104 does 'two packs' playing 2 songs by 1 artist back to back. the other day it was YCBM followed by SOD. nice to see them mixing it up. like most people i have a divide between GNR / New GNR so having the two mixed up threw even me for a loop.

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The weekend CD came out, a radio station here was playing random songs off the album all weekend. Every song was in heavy rotation all weekend.

After that was just Chinese Democracy and Better. Haven't heard Street Of Dreams.

When Chinese Democracy was first announced and that song was given out to radio, they played it literally at the top of every hour for like, 2 days. It was pretty crazy.

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actually guys i just did an interview for a radio station in england and i had to pick my favourite tracks and this super cool station played all of the song i chose which happened to be "prostitute" so yup i have heard guns on the radio and very cool it was

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