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Chi Dem songs on Radio?


Heard CD songs on radio?  

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Heard I.R.S. when it was first leaked - remember it actually charted.

Then with the official release - Chinese Democracy was played on 97.7, Q107, Y108, and even 102.1 here in the Toronto/GTA/Southern Ontario area. 102.1 used to bash GN'R all the time also so that was hilarious. You could tell the DJ's were struggling with it though and came up with a "I don't hate it" statement at one point. At least one or two stations played all the tracks when it first came out. Then it was just the title track.

Better got significantly less airplay although 97.7 had both Chinese Democracy and Better on their Top 9 at 9 at the same time.

Since those two, only Street of Dreams has had any play, on Y108 basically - they were promoting the Hamilton show on the Canadian tour. Heard it on another station or two at one point.

I pick up 103.3 The Edge in Buffalo here and I've never heard anything there, just old stuff. The other stations are back to playing old stuff as well. Street of Dreams has popped up once or twice since the tour and that's about it.

They really should have pushed There Was A Time at some point...

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When it came out they played the whole CD from front to back on a couple stations here. They also played CD a decent ammount leading up to that.. They started playing Better then they realized no one really cared... Now you don't hear any of it anymore but you still hear, WTTJ, SCOM, Brownstone, PC, Used To Love Her, Patience, YCBM, KOHD, Civil War, Nighrain and LALD all the time.. I actually hear Think About You at the gym all the time on Satelite Radio.. I love that damn song..

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I heard CD and Better a few times each the month or two after it came out and then one day several months later I heard Shacklers and it blew my mind. The station I have listened to the last two years gives a great mix of GNR songs, when they say GNR is coming up soon you cant be sure what is coming (you know it wont be Spaghetti or CD though). Ive heard them play 8 of the Appetite songs, Patience, and 8 of the UYI songs. CD has been dead on the airwaves around here since it came out though (which is why the time Shacklers my mind was blown).

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I heard Chinese Democracy on the radio back when the album was just being released and I think Better not too long after that, since then I haven't heard anything. I don't really listen to the radio anymore but I'm not surprised the old songs still get more air play

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Right now, my local station is playing KOHD, yet again!, and it occured to me, that i've never heard anything off CD on the radio here, I listen to a mix of stations, including University based stations, local and interstate shows. The radio is on for at least the 8ish hours i'm at work every night, and gets a bit of use at home too, but no CD songs, ever. Yourself?..

I heard CD out in Utah (believe that or not) and the DJ had nothing but good things to say about it. They played Better down here a couple of times in Tampa and the DJs ripped it to shreds.

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In the past week i've heard the following on Kerrang*:

November Rain x2

Sweet Child O' Mine x1

Welcome to the Jungle x2

Better x1

Estranged x1!!!!

EDIT: Used to Love her just came on :D

*I live in London, a deprived area of the UK for decent music... sadly :(

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I've heard better, but only that song from Chinese democracy. :shrugs:

what are going on the radio more often than before "Chinese" are the themes of old records (Sweet child, november rain, don't cry, welcome to the jungle etc.).

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