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Can you consider allowing bigger (dimension wise) avatars?


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I'm all for bigger, dimension wise, avatars. 100x100 in my opinion. There is already more than enough excess space in the user details area to the left of posts we make that a larger avatar shouldn't fuck up posts or anything. If the file size limit is in place, it wouldn't take any longer to load (although I also think file size limits should be up'd, but that's for another day). PLEEEEASSEEEE

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Ok consider it considered, thanks for the suggestions. I will let you know about this in the near future, I do believe there are any plans to change it though

oh and by they way it was not so long ago I was thinking something like this too :)


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I think this is how big avatars should be:


At least 80x80, which is fair, in my opinion. Especially seeing as how most people have fast internet connections now, and anyiwht with dial-up can gtfo.

As for signature dimensions, those are perfect. If anything, the size limit should be upped, but that's for another time. :thumbsup:

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