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Axl should ask Steven Tyler!


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On 26 March 2010, it was reported that Steven Tyler, intrigued by the 2009 Chris Cornell record Scream, would be teaming up with Timbaland to record a rap album. Guest appearances by Reverend Run and Daryl Mac of Run DMC, Kid Rock, and T-Pain are rumored to be featured on the new project.


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Steven Tyler's Sicilian (and people from there have some African ancestry..but if you've seen "True Romance", the scene with Hopper and Walken about Sicily...) , grew up in NYC...good genetics, and a lot of yelling growing up.

I mean - a lot of guys on those oldies but goodies shows are in their 80s and usually sound almost as good as they did when they were in their 20s. Johnny Maestro that just passed, was in his 70s and had no problem singing, even though he was sick.

I'm assuming you meant he was 54 at that show, because he's in his early 60s now...

Ronnie James Dio is 65-66 I think. Also Sicilian (he got the evil eye from his grandma) and had no problems singing live. He's getting past the stomach cancer, which wouldn't have affected his voice, but you never heard about him living a rock star lifestyle, nice guy as most people would attest. The guy went from putting doo wop records to hippie music and then into metal. To me that's an unbelievable career to have been recording since the beginning of rock and roll. He was putting records out a year or two behind Elvis.

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