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Scott at it again...


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SCOTT WEILAND's Milwaukee 'Disaster' - Mar. 27, 2010

According to several eyewitness accounts from fans who attended STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' Milwaukee, Wisconsin concert last night (Friday, March 26) at the Eagles Ballroom, vocalist Scott Weiland forgot the words to at least a couple of the songs and seemed to be completely lost during "Dead and Bloated", forcing his bandmates to leave the stage in apparent embarrassment and disgust.

Writing on the long-running STONE TEMPLE PILOTS fan site Below Empty, a fan who goes by the name "ejsme" stated about last night's show, "Although [scott] sounded really slurry and rambling when talking between songs, he actually did a great job for most of the show. It was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. And the DeLeos [brothers Dean and Robert DeLeo] didn't seem mad at him or anything. Dean actually came up and played his guitar with the neck stuck between Weiland's legs at one point.

"But... once they got to 'Dead and Bloated', partway in, Scott got completely lost and just seemed to forget the whole song, lyrics and melody. They tried to kind of go into a little jammy part to cover until they could get their bearings, but it just kind got more and more off track and Scott never seemed to be able to pick back up. So, Dean walks off to the side and switches guitars and they go into 'Lounge Fly'. Dean walked up to Scott and took out his ear monitor and said something into his ear.

"I thought, 'Oh maybe it's all just a technical issue with Scott's monitor and he's not wasted.' Scott seemed to start off okay, a little bit off, but then by the time they got to the acoustic section, he was behind the beat and sounded like a sloppy drunk guy singing at a wedding. The band kept trying to kind of pause and try to follow Scott or give him a chance to find the right part, but he just seemed to keep changing to different parts of the song. I saw Robert look at Dean and shake his head, as if to say, 'This isn't going to be salvagable' and then, finally, the Deleos took off their instruments and walked to the side of the stage.

"[Eric] Kretz kept drumming and Weiland seemed oblivious to the fact that there was no more guitar and bass. He keep kind of improvising on the melody and singing until Kretz played an ending-of-the-song kind of drum thing to try to signal to Scott to wrap it up, but he kept singing a bit after that. ThenKretz got up and walked right past Scott without looking at him or touching him, and off the stage on the same side that the DeLeos went. Scott finally then walked off stage on the other side.

"The lights went down and I really didn't think that they'd even try to do an encore. A little while later, Weiland walks back onstage and starts to introduce 'Piece of Pie'. The rest of the band comes on and Dean stops and says something in Scott's ear and then Scott drunkingly mumbles something like, 'No piece of pie for yooooou. This is 'Trippin''.' Then they go into 'Trippin'' and Scott seems to just barely be able to keep up with the song and seems to fall behind a bit.

"I thought it was odd though, that during these songs where everything was going wrong, Scott almost seemed oblivious to the fact that he was messing up. It's like he kept right on dancing and posing and singing like he thought he was doing great. He never looked embarrassed or frustrated. You'd think he would've tried to play it off by saying, 'Oops, I messed that up' or somehow acknowledge that the song got screwed up. He even said something, I think it was right before 'Dead And Bloated', about 'You might just be the best audience ever.' And Dean said something about 'Do you wanna play the Rave with us?'

"Anyway, after 'Trippin'' the band starts to walk to the front of the stage to say their goodbyes and bow and everything. Dean is the first to get up front and I distinctly saw him mouth 'Sorry' to the audience and kind of wave. Then Weiland gets up front followed by Kretz and Robert and I was actually suprised that they all stood so close to Scott after all of this. But again, Weiland, seemed oblivious to the disaster. He's up there, head high like he just rocked the place, patting his hand over his heart, kind of like 'You guys are so great, I'm touched' and then does this dramatic salute."

Read more fan accounts from Below Empty.

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He's definitely not "at it again", more like "still at it". You can't group Scott's performances over any given tour into a single category describing how he was; he's a very night-to-night basis singer. I consider myself really lucky that out of the 6 times I've seen him (2 with VR, 4 with STP) since '07, I've only seen 1 performance from him that stands out as being sub-par. Friday night was obviously one of his worse nights. It doesn't surprise me that he seemed oblivious to what was going on, he's not one to show emotion at all really. He totally fucked up Silvergun Superman the first time I saw STP, and you'd never know it based on his stature and emotions; he just kept going through it all.

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I felt pretty underwhelmed when I saw them last summer, it was sad to go from seeing him completely OWN the fuck out of the stage with VR, giving one of the best vocal performances and stage shows I've seen from a frontman, to these sluggish renditions of STP songs that shouldn't be a problem at all. Very depressing, he's such a talented song writer when he gets down to it and the potential he has to put on a great show is definitely there, I've seen it in full force. I just really hope he bounces back from whatever the fuck is eating him, thats probably too optimistic though

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Keep the faith people one bad show is not un heard of. At least most of the songs were good. Hopefully Scott will get back in form and rock on. I would hate to see STP breakup again. That would be devastating. Scott has been great everytime I have seen him. I can only say the one show where he mumbled between songs on jams was not as great. But the real songs during that set were great. Scott in general is a great singer and at times is god like. I am keeping my fingers cross for this band and Scott. I am going to see them soon live. Hopefully it will be as amazing as always. Scott was great in VR and STP at the shows I have seen. Monitors could have been the problem or a number of things for this latest incident. Scott is human after all.

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Wonder how long before the DeLeo brothers get tired of Scott's shit again. Too bad because STP has always been one of my favorite bands and I was really hoping to see them on this tour.

You'll get to see them. It wasn't a fall out, only a minor relapse. It happens all the time with Scott.

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thats the scott i was expecting to see in halifax. at the time i was relieved to see a good show but part of me wishes i had seen the real scott weiland experience. even tho he fucked up the song up and was off time, i think that was better than if he had nailed it.

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