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GNR in Bogota already!!


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Cool man, upload to photobucket.com

then paste the link ;)

Will try- I do good to email & Tweet!!

Really easy. Make a folder with the pix. Create a photobucket.com account (FREE)

Then choose upload all from that folder. Each pic will give you the link for image code

Paste those codes here one by one like you would your signature etc.

Need help lemme know.

If the pix are on a site already, just paste a link to the site.


If ya can't do that. This thread is pointless. Which will suck!

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Surely...Del's caption for this one was "Doggy!"


You Rock!! Dirtbike-riding, Lime green- wearing POlice, and their Pooch!!

THANK YOU- I'm out on cell and my smartphone doesn't always co-operate with my wishes :thumbsup:

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Sorry to ruin the fun, but here's the police escort pic that Del posted:


THANK YOU- :thumbsup: !!!!!! Got the other pic?

Oh so these weren't your pix. What is the site then? Or if someone else wants to link them.

I clearly stated in my first post I "snagged" them as in "Appropriated"

they were in my FB . and I was trying to move em' here like Gunsguy did with the Ashba pic.

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DJ via facebook:

Dj ASHBA™ We are in Bogota, Columbia! What a long day of travel, beautiful hotel suite, the hotel is surrounded by armed police and bomb sniffing dogs, about 20, crazy shit! Heavy security here so I feel safe. Anyways I'm beat, gonna try to sleep, can't wait for the concert tomorrow. I see flashes in my sleep. Night!!

and Sebastian arriving

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I love the motorcade and mall vidoes. if could get some backstage footage almost like a tour dvd.

They are filming a tour documentry, I really hop ethey keep this monster going and release that would be wicked :)

By the end of the tour im sure they will have enough footage to do it, and fromt he looks of it great footage indeed

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