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Do you listen to songs or albums?


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Hmmm, I listen to albums when I first buy them - then i'll go back and listen to individual songs.

However - sometimes I'll just listen to an album. I listened to Definitely Maybe last night for the first time in ages as a complete album - just got the urge.


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Albums, and no skipping allowed. I listened to all of "Mountain Jam" today.

Edit: Then again, I have downloaded a good share of non-album singles, & good songs off weak albums.

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I'm listening to music practically every day - all the time, I haven't got time or the patience to play through a whole album on my mp3player, I'm surprised so many do. I have to be in the mood, somewhere quiet - on my own. I couldn't enjoy a full album with a hectic lifestyle, on the bus always on the move I see no point. And imo surely you'd listen to an album in whole in one sitting, otherwise it'd be silly, I'd forget what the track before sounded like.

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