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nights in white satin


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There was a really cool attraction with this song as its theme at the incredibly short-lived Hard Rock Park (a theme park in Myrtle Beach, SC that was open for only one year, then went bankrupt, owned by the Hard Rock Cafe people). You went over this bridge in the middle of a spinning tunnel... it's hard to describe but it felt like all the sudden gravity went sideways. That's not an exaggeration whatsoever. And it was completely illusion. It was nuts. You were clinging to the rails so that you wouldn't "fall over" to the left, even though there was no force bringing you that way. That attraction was killer. Then when the theme park changed owners the next year, they changed the theme of the attractions and it sucks now :( They took out the tunnel and everything. I was sad.

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i got into this song following deuce biglow : european giglo. it was right around the time i was getting into weed, i was so stoned it was retarded and that song was a major 'wholy shit' moment for me. also deuce climbing into a painting didnt help.

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