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Someone on this forum once mentioned this in an Airbourne thread:

"They sound so much like AC/DC that I'd rather just listen to AC/DC"

Or something to that extent anyways. I agree with that statement - they sound too similar. It's like the second-rate AC/DC. Plus, the singer is just plain annoying. Don't care for his voice at all, sounds like he's trying too hard to get that AC/DC style vocal.

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I never got into these guys. Their similarities to AC/DC are too strong. If AC/DC never existed I'd probably like 'em a bit, though.

Simular to Bon Scott yea, but Bon is dead, no more music will ever be recorded from him again.

Besides, listen to the difference in sound quality between today's Airbourne and the 70s AC/DC,

just a slight difference IMO. Today's artists have an advantage over bands that played many years ago. I appreciate the sound quality of the new stuff. Highway To Hell sounds like it was recorded in my kitchen. (not to put it down, but just think if it was recorded in today's times)

I'm a big fan of covers, as long as the new version stays true to the original song.

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