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Would Dust N' Bones be better in the set instead of Mr Brownstone?

Screamin' Demon

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Would you rather hear Dust N' Bones in the set instead of Mr. Brownstone? I kinda compared these two songs and found that Dust N' Bones is almost like an evolution of Mr. Brownstone, it's slow but it's hell badass. Mr. Brownstone, despite being possibly an essential setlist song, could well be succeeded by Dust N' Bones if the band chose to play it. Yeah I know the whole thing about Izzy being on vocals but, would you not wanna hear Axl lead this whole song on vocals? Much like he did with Double Talkin' Jive and pulled it off great! I dunno the general census of people's opinions about Mr. Brownstone but I find it slightly unmoving, whereas Dust N' Bones is explosive, has a lot of kicking attitude behind it. Other than that Mr Brownstone has really worn itself out as a setlist song, I've seen these guys live in 2007 and when the song came on I was more like "ugh, next song please". It's an ok song but I think Dust N' Bones kicks its ass.

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I can't think of many songs having more Axl and Guns attitude than Mr Brownie rock1 .

Dust n Bones is waaaay to far fetched..it's far from the best they've made I think. Also, it's kinda difficult to have it when the guy who's singing the song originally is not there :blink:

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DNB isn't a single and Axl didn't sing it on the album.


Axl did sing the chorus. Well, Axl sang "hold on man don't let em get to you" at the same time Izzy sang "Only if you let em get to you."

But I agree with you, Mr Brownstone is a GNR classic that even casual fans know. DNB is one for the more hardcore fans.. Plus

14 years would be cool to hear..

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Terrible Idea. Mr. Brownstone is classic and needs to stay.

For a song with attitude I always loved "Don't Damn Me". I wonder why they have never played it live?

Yes, Don´t damn me is a better choice to add to the setlist

Don't Damn Me, Get In The Ring and Shotgun Blues were not played because Axl felt that he made his point by putting them on the album and that thus they didn't need to be played live. Don't Damn Me is basically an address to One In A Million, Get In The Ring was a "Fuck You" to all the magazines who published false statements and quotes of the band and Shotgun Blues was about the fight between him and Vince Neil that never happened. My guess is that because this was a highly personal matter, he didn't feel the need to repeat these messages over and over in cocnert. You're certainly right that they're better songs to add in the setlist, but realistically those songs will never get played. Dust N' Bones has a chance. If people don't want the list rid of Mr. Brownstone, then how many would be in favour of adding Dust N' Bones occasionally? Lovin' the Live Era version of it

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Mr Brownstone will, and quite correctly should, stay in the set list.

This topic is a bit crazy in my opinion because there are SO many better songs to remove, and SO many better songs to put in the set than dust n bones.

I mean dust n bones is far from terrible, but I can think of plenty that would make a better impact in the set.

Would I want to hear the new bands version? Of course, but if you REALLY wanted to replace Mr Brownstone you would need something with a bit of a swagger:

Bad Obsession

Pretty Tied Up

You're Crazy (Lies)

Or leave Mr Brownstone and add one of these instead of the hurrendous Sorry or the tedius KOHD (in no particular order)



Civil War


Don't Cry (Properly)


Perfect Crime

Anything Goes

I used to love her

You ain't the first

Double Talkin' Jive

So DNB is pretty low on my wish list.


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