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Mr. Brownstone and Hendrix's "Little Miss Lover"


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I happened to listen to these two songs back to back and realized how similar they are. This may have been discussed before, but do you guys think gnr had jimi's song in mind or is it just a coincidence?

I hear similarities in the opening drum beat, the opening guitar riff, the first notes from the brownstone solo and the outro guitar melody in miss lover, and the guitar rhythms overall

And just to make it clear, Mr. Brownstone is one of my favorite songs, I'm not trying to bash it or gnr's writing abilities, I just heard this and figured it would make for good musical discussion.




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Mr brownstone lyrics " I get up around 7 get outta bed around 9"

Rush's working man lyrics released 10 years before " I get up at 7 yeah and I go to work at 9"

just another similarity. I actually think rush was a huge influece on axl.. His early 2000's voice sounds just like rush...

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