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New "lost" Rolling Stones song released...

Estranged Reality

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"Plundered My Soul" needs a more prominent guitar, but I still dig it. Listening to the alternate version of "All Down the Line" now, sounds good so far.

Edit: The chorus at the end of "All Down the Line" sounds really good.

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Didn't they say there's some Exile tracks that they had to add vocals to for the re-release??

Maybe this is one of them..

Thats a fair point - the instrumental could fit in with the original record, it's the vocals that have got the same sort of quality as the ones he recorded for A Bigger Bang.

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4 never before heard songs, 6 that have been bootlegged, but to me even "in the spirit of Exile" works considering Mick Taylor also contributed new solos.

All in all, it winds up being around 45 minutes, which would make it a 3 record set had it been out in '72. And that's not even all the unreleased stuff that still exists as bootlegs.

Don Was, who has worked with the RS in the past, co-produced the new songs. He had also tried to find ANY tapes with Gram Parsons on it, but no such luck. Odds are, Gram and Keith just played a lot and disappeared for hours.

Jagger said Jimmy Miller was smacked out that he took over production duties, and takes full credit (in his opinion, blame) for the famed "muddy" sound. He had always wanted to revisit it after they started putting their CDs out and make it sound the way he heard it in the studio.

The Universal contract they now have covers the entire catalog. After this is out, (and Ya-Yas had a great box set recently released), they're going through the London Records stuff, and will prob. put a long awaited box set of unreleased songs.

Supposedly "Ladies and Gentlemen" and "CS Blues" are rumored for official release. I don't know if they're going to release them at the same time, or this is just talk.

The disappointment is going to be the DVD. It's only a half hour.

But I think everyone's waiting just to hear the album/CD and the new mix, put it up against past versions, esp. the Virgin '94 release, which most fans feel is still the best of the remasters.

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