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Whitch was your favorite GNR song live in the 2010 tour


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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Of the newer song, I must say that Sorry and Scraped were pretty awesome.

The old? Don't know. Jungle, Rocket Queen and Nightrain is always great live.

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If The World and Sorry were pretty kick ass. I'm just judging things based on the two shows (Montreal and Toronto) that I attended. November Rain was a standout for the old material. It seemed to get the best crowd reaction in Montreal.

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From the show I attended (Ottawa), if I had to name just one, I would have to go with This I Love. Absolutely amazing vocal performance from Axl, and the band nailed the song. I had chills through the whole song.

Other great ones would be WTTJ, Sorry, Patience, Knocking on Heaven's Door and November Rain. As I said in my review of the show, I was also very surprised with how good Scraped and Schackler's Revenge sounded live. I didn't expect that from the bootlegs I had heard. When you are there, it's totally different.

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Chi Dem, Nightrain, November Rain was pretty cool also, with the piano playing by axl in the beginning (toronto show btw). Funny thing, last night I had a dream I was talking to axl and asking him why they haven't been playing twat at all during the tour (just remembered this due to reading this topic...just one of those weird dreams). I would have LOVED to see twat live, and am surprised they haven;t been playing it. I also liked seeing Maddy at the show. Everything was good truth be told, save for knockin (I just hate this song). Better, Shacklers, TIL, come to think of it, it was all great imo : ) Very happy they played lots of chi dem material, love this album.

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Only basing this on the show I was at (Calgary):

New stuff:

Chinese (Amazing opener, It was surreal seeing Axl Rose walk out on stage mere inches from me)

Better (Awesome, awesome live song. Pure energy! Plus Axl getting ABSOLUTELY PISSED at the sound guys was kinda funny)

Sorry (Loved this song, very well done live. Axl came in a little early on the last chorus, so its almost like he 'made up' for it by going all out on the whole thing. Absolutely ALL-OUT.)

IRS (Loved the little intro about Appetite, and what some the of CD songs are about)

Shacklers (Loved the way he did the chorus different than the album, loved the pyro, and this song is just awesome live)

Street of Dreams (Favorite moment of the show, by far, because me and Axl were staring right at eachother singin' this one. It was unbelievable. He got a huge grin and laughed, pretty awesome)

...but above all other CD songs.... This I Love (Youtube this. It sounds amazing!)

Old Stuff:

Jungle (Axl gave this cool/funny speech about his people forgetting him at the hotel, and the taxi he took to the show as an intro, then right into jungle! It sounded awesome!)

November Rain (Pyro was amazing, Axl sounded great! At the end, he played the piano with his foot and played bumble's guitar!)

Knockin (Always loved the live versions on this song by the 'new' bands. It was great to hear this one!)

Paradise City (Whats not to love? The pyro, the confetti, the atmosphere.... The band sounded great throughout the whole show, what a great way to end it)

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This I Love - got to see it live twice and it's my new favorite song live. Very moving and I've got kind of a personal connection to it due to circumstances... was moving both times I heard it for different reasons.

There Was a Time and Catcher in the Rye I got to see live once each and was ecstatic to hear them, TWAT because it's one of my favorite songs on the album and Catcher because of the timing (Salinger had just died).

My other favorites have been, for ages, Madagascar and You Could Be Mine.

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