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Do you want to see a Skid Row video clip in 3-D?


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OK, very easy! You just need to put a sun glass on your right eye (not left eye), like this:


... and watch this video ;)


PS. The sun glass should be very dark. The more it is dark, the more the effect will be great!

rock3 rock2 rock1

Believe me! You don't need any 3D glasses, just need a piece of sun glass on your right eye! So everyone can make it work (I think all of you have your own sun glasses ;) )

Let me know if it works :rolleyes:

That is called "Pulfrich effect", you can read here:


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I've still got the original Skid Row 3D glasses here! This video is on the Roadkill tape, released in '93 iirc... Cool clip though, they've come along way with 3D since though, be good to see what they could do now... Going to have to pull out the old VHS player if I want to watch my old tapes again though

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Sorry, but it's not the 3D version of the clip ;)

I think I'm going to have to disagree! although the utube uploader said the same thing as you, I doubt both of you!, fullscreen, and with the proper glasses on, it does seem to have depth, and curves in places.. I have the original, and remember that this was nearly 20 years ago! we've come to expect alot more from 3D lately, this seems as good as I remember the one on Roadkill being...

or maybe i've just had one too many tonight!

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