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Playing live first time

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hey guys!

I've been playing guitar for 2 years now. And today while i was at rockeverksted ("garage rock". Its sounds cooler in norwegian) i was told that they would like to set me up with a bassist, guitarist, singer and drummer so that we could play a few songs on a outdoor-mini-festival-jam-thing june 11th. And this is my first big performance ever, and i was wondering if you guys have any tips for me. I appreciate all answers.

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Be confident, but not too confident. You don't want to come off as arrogant. Don't freak out if you get a few notes wrong, just laugh them off. Crowd participation is good, but don't do the usual 'I can't hear you' stuff, try and do something that will make your band memorable. Most importantly, have fun, enjoy yourself.

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Swastika Eyes - Primal Scream

I'm assuming you've already played by this time. This might be a good thread for others too.

1. Bring extra strings - they always manage to break on stage (or drop on a new set the day before and make sure they are played and stretched).

2. Check your cables...they always seem to fuck up on stage.

3. Bring extra batteries etc, if you use effects.

4. Have a contact on hand that will be able to make errand runs for you if you need it. Sometimes you can just never remember everything, and you need something and can't leave all your gear.

5. Don't leave your gear...someone will steal it.

6. Always throw you cable through your strap once before plugging it in, so you don't walk on it and pull it out.

7. Get your sound on stage perfect (get the rest of band to play and make sure you hear everything) Let the Mixer worry about room sound afterwards. Otherwise you'll end up changing your sound later when you can't hear something and fuck up the room sound. Once the show begins if you can't hear your vocals or guitar enough, ask the Mixer to pump up your volume in the monitors...avoid adjusting your amp's volume.

9. In addition to all your gear, bring a towel, water, markers, paper etc... Just things I always needed.

10. If you are playing covers, it's a good idea to have the mp3s on hand so if the band gets into a disagreement on the arrangement of the song, you can look it up.

11. If the drummer won't stop hitting his snare or doing solos while you're setting up etc.., tell him there is free food down the street...watch him run.

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Communicate with your bandmates. It's the essence of tight performances.

Yes. There's nothing worse then when each member is just focused on themselves and seems to be isolated from everyone else. Not only do things like eye contact make you tighter, it's also more enjoyable for the audience.

Wrap your guitar lead around your guitar strap before plugging it into your guitar or wrap the end of your lead around the handle of your amp. I've unplugged myself too many times by stepping on my lead to mention.

Definitely do that, or else if you unplug yourself you'll end up looking like an idiot while you try and plug it back in..

extra strings are nice, extra guitars are better.

Always bring an extra guitar just for backups. Strings take too long to change. And bring an extra guitar strap too - I went to a gig where a guy broke his strap while he was playing, so he played with his leg on the amp the whole song. Then for the next song, the roadie tried to duct tape it together, but halfway through it fell apart again.

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