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how have duff sound

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You want the sound? No problemo... I have close to the exact rig he used in the 80's, the big secret is the pick ups in the bass... I have 4 Jazz Specials, and 1 came from the factory with the Duncan Quarter Pounder P & J pick ups (NON-Active...), I pipe that thru a Yamaha SPX-90 and a GK400 head. Any 4x10 cab will get you close enuff. The other 3 Fenders I have came with the std. Fender pick ups and their output isn't close to the 1/4 #-ers, the mid's and hi's are what fill the sound out... Other than a wireless, that's it. If you have a P/J set up on the ESP I'd highly recommend switching pick ups... I almost forgot, Rotosound strings are what he uses, but they will eat your frets due to the high nickle content... I switched to DR strings (45-105) and get the same soung, a longer life, and they don't kill my frets...

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