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A band I would love to see open for GN'R (and one Axl would like): A Place to Bury Strangers!


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This band was recently proclaimed the "loudest live act in NYC"! It's tough to describe their sound because they are so unique, but they are a mix of Ministry, NIN, 80's goth, and metal! I have seen them live a few times, and they are mind-blowing. Listening to their tour ep right now on vinyl, "Ego Death", and it just rocks--side B is a total trip, heavy, and melodic at the same time. This band would be a wicked opener for GN'R--they are an emerging younger band, and their sound is incredible! If anyone in the band, or anyone in general is looking for an incredible emerging talent, look no further than these guy's!

Check out the "sounds" and the band at their website:


Led by effects-pedal guru Oliver Ackermann (the Edge is a customer), this Brooklyn trio further their rep for insane volume on their first proper studio album. "I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadows of Your Heart" is straight-to-the-head industrial rock, bull-rushing into a two-minute coda of pure squall and feedback that's not unlike having hot club soda poured in your ears. But the noise never eclipses the songwriting -- "Keep Slipping Away" is as tightly wound, shadowy, and sugary as any Cure single in decades.

-David Bevan, SPIN Magazine

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