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Dave Mustaine

American Psycho

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The Four Horsemen, Metal Militia, Jump in the Fire, Phantom Lord are fucking awesome. rock3 Kill 'Em All is by far my favorite Metallica album and I think Mustaine's work on it has a lot to do with it... :tongue2:

Oh and I can't forget his work on Ride the Lightning! Ride the Lightning and The Call of Ktulu are great!

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He was great in Metallica, but Kirk was the perfect choice to replace him imo. I think Dave is too talented to not dictate the musical direction on his own band anyway...

Yeah, he may begrudge being booted by James and Lars, but in the end they did him a favor because they freed him up to realize his true potential.

However after Countdown it pretty much went downhill and pretty much hit rock bottom with World Needs A Hero.

It's a good thing he buggered up his hand for a while because it allowed him to recharge and come up with some killer stuff (System Has Failed), and hasn't looked back since.

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I've only heard some demo's of the stuff from Kill Em All, and they sounded pretty good. I was kinda surprised that Kirk almost copied exactly what Dave did with the solo's.

But I think it was for the best that Dave got kicked out. Megadeth is fucking awesome and I think he needed to be the vocalist/lead guitarist on his own thing in which he was the musical director. James and Dave's relationship would've probably come to a head anyway, as they're both pretty headstrong people.

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As a metal rhythm guitarist, he has no equal. Im a guitarist myself and im constantly amazed by his original riffs, especially compared to Metallica's riffs(which mainly comprise of heavy E string chugging with perfect 5th interval chords). As a lead guitarist though, Kirk is better. However most of Megadeth's lead guitarists(Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick) have smoked Kirk out of the water. I think Dave was pissed off because Metallica was always the bigger band and they started it off together, like brothers. But with Megadeth he gets total control and is still very popular, not to mention very profitable band. Dave is one rich man.

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It would be interesting if he collaborated with them as a songwriter at this point in their careers, and see what comes out of it.

I don't know how wealthy Dave is when he split up with the wife a few years ago. I remember during that down time he had made an appearance at the Guitar Center in San Diego and a friend of mine saw him going to a Jason Mraz show back when he was still playing coffeehouses. I had heard Hetfield and Mustaine had lived close to each other somewhere in SD county for a few years.

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