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Option to tell if a sent pm has been read or not.


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Can we get where when you send someone a pm - you can see if they read it or not?

I think this would be a cool feature for supporters. it would be something that would make someone wanna fork over $5 dollars year.

i don't send alot of pms (I mainly post), so it would be cool to know that when i did get off my thrown, to do so; that i could see that it was read.

one of the best features about myspace, aol etc. is that you can do this.

I bet if you added this feature to supporters only. you would see an increase of supporters.

a significant one.

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You can do that already. If you go to your messenger and the conversations folder, click on the message you sent. On the left it will tell you if they have read it or not, even the last time they read it. Pic related.

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Word, it's hard to notice it. What would be cool, is you know how on the board index we have that "WATCH TOPIC" bar thing on the right? If we had a "recent private messages" thing too, where we could see last read time and stuff.

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No offense, Sunny, but what is it with you and "selling points" for the forum and stuff? :unsure: A lot of your threads in the support section always seem to bring up money and supporters... Just something I've noticed. :shrugs:

EDIT: Also, this was an option before the last forum update, but you had to select the feature before you sent the individual message.

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