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Best Metallica album



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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I voted Metallica. I'm not a fan of the band, but there are two songs on that album I like. Can't say that for any other album.

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If it were one album Load\Reload would be very high on my list and I know that wouldn't be a popular opinon...Justice can't compete purely because of the sub-par production of it, Kill em' kinda falls into that category too when you factor in James' voice. Black does have some awesome songs on it although I was never a big fan of Nothing Else Matters, I've just heard Sandman too many times and something about the production sounds dated\retro... Overall you've gotta give it to Puppets I think. I don't love every song; orion never did it for me like their other instrumentals and Damage Inc is completely unmemorable, Leper Messiah and Thing... are average but title track and Battery are two of the best metal songs ever and Sanitarium is pretty damn good too. I also feel the production is probably their best to date (closely followed by Load\Reload).

On a side note I think with some tweaks S&M could have been a difinitve album. EG No Sad but True or Sandman, plus they should have done one of the Unforgivens and their other instrumentals as well. Wherever I May Roam, Outlaw Torn, Bleeding Me, Battery, Puppets, One, Wolf and Man all sound like superior songs to the originals and most of 'em were near perfect to begin with!

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Guest deleted_19765

I voted for AJFA. RTL is right behind it though. Sometimes I wonder how many people would talk about the production on AJFA if allmusic and other sources of popular criticism hadn't been pointing it out for years. I have nothing bad to say about that record, production included. Its the best and most cohesive song set they ever came up with, Jason provides a rush of vitality, and James is in perfect voice, before the over-growly, hulking period and coming out of his thinner-voiced beginnings.

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Ride The Lightning (i'm giving credit for "Am I Evil?" and "Blitzkrieg" to RTL because they were from that era)

Master Of Puppets

Kill 'Em All

...And Justice For All (the production doesn't bother me)

Garage Days Re-Revisited (i LOVE this EP)

significant drop off:


Death Magnetic (the production DOES bother me)



St. Anger

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I think the best one is Master Of Puppets, but my favorite is Ride The Lightning. Master was not a new concept imo, it's sounds like a continuation of Ride The Lightning, Like they could have released both of those albums as a double.

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