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Firefox extension for blocking flash?


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I need something to block Flash content with. Something like AdBlock but for Flash: right-click, "block" and done. Is there anything out there? All I can find right now is stuff that blocks Flash completely (I think I could do that from Firefox preferences) but I don't want that.

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can i ask, with programs like this and ad-block plus, do they stop your browser from loading the flash code/adverts or do they just hide them from view?

because i usually use them because i don't want to waste my low bandwith on stupid interactive adds that take long to load videos i don't want to watch(but automatically play without stopping them). so if they just hide these adds and flash graphics then i'm still technically downloading them

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Well it is tough one with blocking anything even regular ads. Any blocking software that I know of downloads and compares against what you have blocked, in essence it's hidden not gone. I do not know if there is one out there that simply never downloads it to you though.

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