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John Stamos Tweets he had dinner with Axl

Cruel Intentions

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He just posted a photo with Matt & Slash: http://twitpic.com/1nuot6

Uncle Jesse was the only reason I watched Full House when I was a kid :kiss:

Slash looks hammered once again.

whats your point? hes a fucking rockstar dude. not like you have never been hammered, dick.

the point is that slash has a heart condition and isnt ment to be drinking or on drugs, so whos the dick now? although it looks like an older picture to me

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I fucked the Olsen twins before they where famous!


so did michael jackson

doubt it as michael liked them to have a boaby :rofl-lol:

you do know how old the olsen twins were when they got famous right?

and you do know how much mj loved kids right?

so 1+1=2

haha but i don't exactly know what you meant with your post

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He put the pic up of Howard Stern and Rob Zombie up!




Howard and John jointly told a story about hanging out with Rob Zombie and something happened to Rob's eye, causing it to swell up. John laughed: "It looked like he'd been hit with a baseball or something." Howard went on: "So we [all] walk into the hospital and the nurse almost drops dead." Howard laughed that she probably didn't know what was weirder, Rob Zombie, Howard Stern or John 'I play a doctor on TV' Stamos. Howard thought the funniest part of the story was when the nurse asked Rob for his last name and wouldn’t believe it was really Zombie.

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