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Moscow Charity Show Next Week?


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I posted this over at HTGTH as well, just saw it pop up on BM.

First up - good luck to Axl in taking on Azoff... when he said a lot of forces tried to stop the tour from happening (at the Toronto show), he obviously wasn't kidding. Also, the responses on PollStar - for what it's worth - are 100% in favour of Axl/GN'R. Seems no one is really happy with Azoff and his power grab.


According to The Moscow Times, GUNS N' ROSES is rumored to be performing at Moscow, Russia's NEON charity event on Monday, May 24. The event, which will be a combination of fashion show, award ceremony and entertainment show, will take place in the Moskva-City complex in a building constructed by Capital Group, which is co-headed by British supermodel Naomi Campbell's boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin.

Campbell hopes to raise $1 million for the Iris Foundation and Northern Crown, two Russian charities which provide education, medicine and training for children.


Anyone heard ANYTHING about this?

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