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Stephen Colbert doing a snakedance

Estranged Reality

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I'll post this here since that video is from a Conan O'Brien performance.

Rumour has it that Conan's band-leader tried to jump ship to Jay Leno when the show got canceled, and he isn't returning with Conan to TBS as a result.

I think Axl should be the new bandleader. Imagine how amazing that would be - Conan would do one of his crazy jokes and then the camera would show Axl sitting there at the piano, bandana around his head, looking a bit hungover and grumpy, and he just sort of shrugs and mumbles whenever Conan asks him something sarcastically or informs him of a noteworthy news item.

"Hey, Axl, you heard about these sinkholes opening up? Swallowed a whole building."

"Yeah, cool."

Axl could also use the opportunity to advertise Chinese Democracy at commercial breaks. The show's tagline could be The Ginger Giants. I'll pitch this idea to TBS.

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