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So I was driving through my city today...

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Additional info: My city is Vienna, Austria, and this can only mean they postponed most, if not all of the European dates to fall. Makes perfect sense, I looked it up on the internet, and it's definitely true (Vienna was originally scheduled for June 18th).

I have never seen posters for concerts who in the end didn't happen, so I believe this date to be set in stone.

Hey Axl, did you know, you are coming here...?

I remember waiting for the bandname in those big, fat letters on lampposts etc., waiting for it from 1993 till 2006. It was like an optical illusion, like a greeting from my teenage years when they finally showed up...

Gonna book front row on this one...

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Yeah, sorry about that, US guys. But it really seems like Axl is done for now with the US because of the Azoff situation.

Live Nation is promoting some of the European shows, including livenation NL. So the Azoff thing can't be that bad as they're still basically the same company.

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The Azoff situation and the fact that there might be more European gigs come fall doesn't necessarliy mean there won't be a US tour, it just means the US tour will be put off a little - maybe it'll start in the winter or something.

There has to be a US tour, the band is American afterall.

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