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So,,,,whats gonna happen after the tour ???


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What they gonna do after the tour has ended ( i dont mean "go home and jerk off") , this has to be the last "chinese democracy tour" they cant keep touring this album its been like 10 years now ???

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We should start a petition called:

"To Axl and Guns N Roses. We fully understand that plans can change and that nothing is written in stone, but please keep us updated on your plans for the next album. We can deal with set-backs, no worries, but I'd be awesome to be "part" of the process. Thanks."

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Axl might:

1. Sort out some legal stuff (always an ongoing thing)

2. Write a few more pages for the book (that might, or might not be released)

3. Think about putting out a video, although it seems a bit late in the day (at least where CD is concerned)

4. Check out the song's that didn't make it onto CD, brush the dust off, and think about using them on a follow up album.

5. Think about putting out a live album.

Atleast if they release a new album, 100% recorded by the current line up (even if it means re-recording Buckethead, Robin, Brain's input) and tour it, they can put the whole Chinese Democracy thing behind them. Which will allow for a set of fresh ideas for a stage design. They might even make a video, or videos to help promote their work (always a good thing).


Axl might go into go into hiding. The current band will exit one by one.

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