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Anyone here collect vinyl?

Estranged Reality

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This is sort of a shameless plug, but I've got a bunch of few unopened albums I'm looking to get rid of. I'll post a list of everything I've got if anyone shows interest. I've tried putting some of them dirt cheap on eBay but never get bids...I think I'm doing something wrong, or people are skeptical since I have no previous sales.

I was just thinking about it tonight and realized some of you guys might be collectors.

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I love vinyl and I know others here do too. Post a list

I wrote this out earlier...like I said, they're all unopened and even still have the price tags on them. The MSRP I included in this list is the retail price for each record - I just did that so I could kinda keep track of how much I paid for each one. I'm willing to sell them much cheaper though.

Michael Jackson's Thriller (25th Anniversary) | MSRP $35

Jay-Z's Blueprint | MSRP $16

Led Zep's Song Remains the Same Deluxe Set (HQ-180, '08 Remastering by Jimmy Page) | MSRP $60

Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral | MSRP $30

The Replacements' Pleased to Meet Me | MSRP $18

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew | MSRP $25

Pearl Jam's Ten | Anniversary Edition w/ 2009 Remastering on LP2 | MSRP $25

Beck's Modern Guilt | MSRP $16

The White Stripes' Icky Thump | MSRP $30

The Strokes' Is This It? | MSRP $16 (I might actually decide not to sell this one, but not sure)

Radiohead's OK Computer Reissue from 2008| MSRP $26

Not a whole lot of stuff, but if you're interested in any let me know.

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i used to be more into it but here's my small collection

Beatles - revolver

GnR - AFD banned cover, sealed with the stickers inside

GnR - AFD cross cover

GnR - lies(not the banned cover)

GnR - welcome to the jungle single

GnR - rocket queen single with axl interview

motley crue - smoking in the boys room(with 2 other songs) single

motley crue - primal scream

and a status quo album, can't remember which one off the top of my head

its not much, mostly GnR, if i had more money i could easily get more, there's a bootleg fair that comes to my city every few months, they've plently of old vinyls, most at reasonable prices. i've seen quite a few GnR ones that i know are worth alot more than they're selling them for

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My "collection" is not big at all. But I like what I have :)

Guns N' Roses - AFD, Chinese Democracy

Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love

The Dead Weather - Horehound

Led Zeppelin - Original pressings of Led Zeppelin III and IV

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.

Rush - Moving Pictures

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

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i got a record player last year with the intention of getting my favorite albums. i really like the player and the sound, i bought a few vinyls but havent recently, i need to pick it up. so far i have:

guns n roses - appetite

guns n roses - chinese democracy

fleetwood mac - rumours

lil wayne - the carter III (oh yah)

i need to pick up:

velvet revolver - contraband

gnr - illusions

STP purple

slash - slash (lol jk)

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Firstly, here's a nice picture of an Angler Fish:


Secondly... yes... love a bit of Vinyl. I try to look for unusual things that might be worth something some day/ i don't even have a record player.

Sometimes I jump up and down and sing "I don't have a record player".

I don't do it a lot these days though.

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