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Vote Guns N' Roses for Rock In Rio 2011

Lose Your Illusions

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GNR's doing pretty good so far, lets keep it that way!

I know the decison comes down to Axl but this poll with GNR getting a majority of the votes couldn't hurt.

Axl said in a 2004 statement that the festival means alot to him and we'd like for the band to be there in 2011.

As someone pointed put you can vote as many times as u want.

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Guest gunns5

Done, Im surprised A7X has the most votes. :shocked:

You missed Avril Lavigne.

Yea, didnt notice that....Lol Velvet Revolver, they're getting no votes.

Maybe not having a singer is the problem?

I think thats the least of their problems, the quality of music being the main one :thumbsup:

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