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NIN: The Official Nine Inch Nails Worship Thread

Black Sabbath

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Saw them live and they were amazing.

One of the most brilliant stage setups I have ever seen.

Fragile is by far my favourite album of theirs but I love the Broken and Fixed EP's and also Still.

If I am honest The Slip disappointed me a little bit.

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Always thought The Downward Spiral was untouchable until about six months ago but now I think The Fragile has trumped it.

Some of the tours recently were literally mind-blowing. The lights and screens and stuff were just insane.

This is one of my favourite NIN videos. Sexy as fuck.


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I think The Fragile Era was probably the best time you could see them.

Trent and the whole band were insane back there and the DVDs and vids of it are just mind blowing.

That being said all of the tours have been good and have had a very separate tone to them so they are very different.

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That is probably true. I only got to go to the tours in recent years but they were incredible. They actually manage to recreate the sound really well live in addition to all the mental stuff Trent was putting onstage. It didn't take away from the excitement of the show either, which is always a risk with elaborate lights at a rock show, just added to each song. Like that ridiculous bit where his face comes up massive in red lights on the screen infront of the band.

Also, in the few shows I went to I saw a massive array of songs which is always a plus. And saw Gary Numan. Good stuff.

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I made a terrible mistake on the first page of this thread.

Rammstein are fucking shit. Just a bunch of angry Germans and some stage props. At least NIN made "Closer".

The first sentence should read:

"Rammstein are the fucking shit."

Sorry for any misunderstandings.

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Poor imitation of Goddstein thread.

NIN are not Goddstein. They do not deserve worship like Goddstein.

Trent took steroids and pumped weights to try and be awesome like Till. He failed. Trent is five foot nothing. I laugh at his shortness.

Yet you orgasm over every video of Scott Weiland. Odd.

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Amazing band, Trent's integrity and drive is great, he's very dedicated to his fans, even though they can at times be as judgemental and demanding as GN'R ones. One if my favourite bands, if not THE favourite, Trent's lyrics and the emotion he purs into each and every performance never ceases to impress.

The Great Below might be the best song ever, it's like an electronically depressing symphony filled with Trent and industrial madness.

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