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NIN: The Official Nine Inch Nails Worship Thread

Black Sabbath

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I am proud to announce that the tour lineup now includes the incredible Robin Finck. The addition of Robin to the mix of players I've assembled makes this band incredibly powerful and versatile. We are deep in the rehearsal process and it feels exciting and great to be back at this. Lots of information, surprises and sweat headed your way. Stay tuned!




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Trent Reznor has just announced that Robin Finck is back to Nine Inch Nails! He has played with the band in the 90s and returned in 2008, having been slightly however, did not attend the recording of the amazing Blu-Ray Beside You In Time.

Robin Finck played with Guns N 'Roses from 1999 to 2007, and in 2012 he played with the band on the last show of the tour as a special guest with the former drummer Brain.

Nine Inch Nails is the pioneer industrial rock band and a favorite of Axl Rose, who has said he wants to work with Trent at some point in your life. Guns N 'Roses and Nine Inch Nails has a history relevant members. The first Chinese Democracy drummer, Josh Freese, joined Nine Inch Nails in 2009, but before hiring him in 1999, Axl auditioned former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna.

Source: Nine Inch Nails: ex-GNR Robin Finck back in the band http://whiplash.net/materias/news_827/179758-nineinchnails.html # ixzz2Tb2HnPow

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