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NIN: The Official Nine Inch Nails Worship Thread

Black Sabbath

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Poor Robin. It's either play in a band who records albums that aren't released or play in a band that releases albums that he doesn't get to play on.

that's not true about NIN

Trent may write all the music, but he does sometimes bring in other musicians to play on the record

For instance, Finck recorded all the guitar parts on The Slip

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With it being announced that Below won't be part of hte touring band, we now know who will be playing what...

Ruban - drums

Finck - guitar

Eustis - bass

Cortini - synth

i can see them playing a lot of different instruments. they are all multi-instrumentists. robin played keys on the last tour, same with ilan. alessandro played the guitar during many songs in the LITS tour and joshua also plays everything... this tour is gonna be interesting.

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I'm kinda sad that Below won't be touring with them...although when you think about it, he would look out of place up there :lol:

Extremely excited that he contributed to the album, however. I would love an ambient styled album similar to The Fragile. Whatever the case, I hope it isn't similar to his soundtrack work of the past few years. (Not that it's bad...)

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I've been really digging Quiet and Still, Trent should release a whole album on that line... Him on the piano, someone on the acoustic guitar and another person on percussion, that's all. It's version of Something I Can Never Have and The Day The Whole Went Away are brilliant.

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