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Chinese Demcoracy videos are (in) Illusion...


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I found out this coincidence some time ago, and I wanted share it to see if it's only me or there's really a connection between the old videos and the last album?

- If you sync Prostitute with Novembre rain (...that laugh in my face with when you see Axl's face while he's seepling) you get a video that stand on its own (IMO) with a nice ending.

*warning might not be Slash friendly

- I also thought that Shackler with the garden could "make some sense" (just before the begining of the lyrics with Slash passing out) but I did not mixed them to see if they really fit together...

I've try to put Prostitute on Youtube but the video was locked for legal reasons, twit my wandering, and now post it here so I couldfinally find some echo!

So that's about it, I might be wrong but to me it seems almost like Prostitute (and maybe some other songs of CD) were based on some old GNR videos....

May you judge by yourself

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