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guns n' roses WTTJ "has no soul"


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Price criticised Guns N' Roses' 'Welcome To The Jungle' for having "no soul" and said of Slayer's 'Payback' from their God Hates Us All album: "Not for me! That is just noise. This music... I don't know what it is.

"See, you're tapping your foot, and I'm thinking, what are you tapping to? There's no beat. 'Motherf**er'! Not my kind of lyrics. I can’t even understand what they're saying. Noise.

"But what do people... I couldn't even get ready listening to that. What I mean is, some music you put on and you're like, 'Whoa, I like this' but that? Nothing."

This may be the most ignorant series of music related comments I have ever read. Why is someone like her talking about music, anyway? She seems incapable of describing it in any way.

What a media whore to go calling other people's music soulless and just noise. She should be happy for where she's at in the industy, considering what she does. All she is, is she's a pop diva singing about kissing girls to get attention, while making music videos centered around tits and ass. Who's the soulless one just making noise, really? It's all for an image to be the next teen idol, and sell millions of records, while making no effort to make real music at all, and most likely have people write her music for her.

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