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RZA's "Domestic Violence" is the best break-up song ever


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What the fuck y'all birds talking about?

Get the fuck out my house

'Fore I grab you by your hair and slap dick to your mouth

Bob Digi, yeah you know who is he

Girl, I fucking slave trade your ass like Kizzy Kinte

(But wait, fuck you motherfucker)

You wish you could fuck

Bitch, all you can do is dick suck

(Your ass can't fuck, that's why your wife left your monkey ass)

Fuck that, you don't cook, you don't clean, or press my jeans

You don't scrub or wash clothes

Or buy food for making (???), bitch

You don't read to the seeds

All you do is watch tv and smoke weed

Get your nails done and feet, scrub the hairweave

Sleep all day, eat, gain weight, can't breathe

Talking about you're going to leave?

Then bitch leave! What the fuck you're waiting for?

Hit the door, I ain't taking this shit no more!

Spending all my cream on Gucci, Phillies and Coach

Before you moved to my lab, bitch, I ain't never seen a roach

Stains on my carpet, bathroom's more like a fish market

Take all the space in my closet, where the fuck's your logic?

Disrespecting my old earth, aborted my child birth

And every day I catch my credit card inside your purse

You can't speak a sentence without a curse

Talking 'bout you're going to be a nurse

Bitch, to be a nurse you got to go to shool first!

When I first met you, you was a hoe

I tried to reform you, bomb you, warn you and teach you

But couldn't reach you, and you're still a hoe

Your father said you was a hoe

And when you leave me, bitch you're gonna be a hoe

Celluloid and gargoyle feet, I'd rather beat my meat

That raggy ass pussy a starving dog wouldn't eat

Started with the body of a model

Pussy tight as a pharmaceutical bottle

And you could swallow a whole avocado

And two forty ounce bottles

To the end of the world, which to I would follow

Now, when I fuck you, the shit echos 'cause you pussy is so hollow

Turn your fat ass sideways

Your stressmarks are like the US highways

Fuck a new black person every friday

Talking 'bout bust a nut, bitch I'll bust yo guts!

(You come so quick black person)

Wonder why I come so quick?

With that wide ass pussy and soggy tits?

I'm trying to get the shit over with, and go to sleep!

But when I'm with my real freak on the weekend

Bet that baby we fuck for two and a half hours or three

You'd better study the 1-0-40 knowledge culture degree

About M-G-T, and G-C-C

'Cause you ain't shit, and your mother ain't shit

And your sister ain't shit, and your pussy ain't shit

That weave ain't shit, your ass ain't shit

Girl you ain't shit, your daddy ain't shit

[RZA] [Girl]

But fuck it, yo

let me get this fucking phone

Yeah, get the motherfucking phone

Quit motherfuckers in our fucking

business. End the fuck, or I'll pull

the motherfucking chord out of the

Man, fuck that motherfucking socket.

Yo God, this bitch is bugging I'm sick of this shit motherfucker

Get the fuck out, I'm throwing

all the shit on the motherfucking

terrace, right now. I'm sick of

I'm on the phone! this shit, you and you shit out the

I'm on the phone! motherfucking closet right now. My

Well fuck you! name's on the motherfucking (???) too

Bitch, get the fuck out my black person, I don't give a fuck, fuck that

house man shit, you get the fuck out my lab, all

these motherfuckers sleeping in the

fucking living room. My seeds run into

these motherfuckers, these black personz are

Yo, hey Hewey, hey Hewey in their dirty motherfucking socks and

Fuck you, yo God, my bitch... shit. Fucking dirty toilet seats and

This bitch is stupid man shit. My seeds gotta sit on this shit.

Get these motherfuckers out this

Give this fucking crab ass motherfucking lab now. Get the fuck

girl the gas yo out. Every lat one of y'all mother-

You's a hoe bitch! fuckers. Get the fuck out my lab.

Come on you's a hoe!

you'se a hoe Motherfucker don't make me pick up

you'se a hoe this bottle. Don't make me pick up

you'se a hoe this motherfucking bottle.

you'se a hoe

hoe! hoe!

hoe! hoe! bastard! bastard!

hoe! hoe! bastard!

fuck you!

hoe! you fucking bastard!

hoe! bastard! bastard!

fuck you

Yo, yo, dunn, yo, yo, God

bastard! bastard! bastard!

She's stupid dunn you're fucking dirty dick black person

Yeah you're fucking stupid black person

You're fucking stupid

You're fucking stupid

We'll be back son Now that's right, tell that

We'll be back motherfucker to call you back

'cause you ain't going to steal

this motherfucking phone

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