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There IS good music from the 2000s

Jumpin' Jack Flash

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I think he's pretty swell.

You really think Josh Homme? I mean, he's good, but I wouldn't call him a rock "legend" material. If I were to relate him to some more semi-recent legends, he's never had his Nevermind or Ten or Appetite for Destruction or OK Computer or (What's the Story) Morning Glory or anything to that effect. Even The White Stripes have White Blood Cells and Elephant. Homme's good, but I don't know if I'd put any of his bands up there with any of these bands. Songs for the Deaf and Blues for the Red Sun are probably his two most notable works, and I don't think they really do it. I dunno. I've never been a big Homme fan, so it may be my bias talking.

Rock frontmen are tricky because it all depends on whether you like the band. I've talked to people who think Steven Tyler is a joke and would never rank him on any kind of greatest-frontmen-ever lists, yet - even though I'm not his biggest fan - I feel inclined to do so based on the merits of Rocks alone. There are indisputable legends like Jagger and Lennon, and then there are the Tylers and Axls and Hommes whose statuses kinda boil down to whether you actually like the music they're making or not. Personally, I think Homme has made two masterpiece rock albums and two other very solid ones - and his live shows are phenomenal. But I can understand someone feeling differently.

Steven Tyler and Axl are rock legends though. Those guys both sing on classic songs that have crossed generations. I don't see Homme as somebody who has done that or will be regarded as that in the future. Homme doesn't have a Sweet Emotion, Dream On, Sweet Child O' Mine, or November Rain in his arsenal.

No One Knows was one the best rock songs for years when it came out. Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, Feel Good Hit of the Summer, Go With the Flow, Mosquito Song, Little Sister. Make It Wit Chu was played at my sister's wedding.

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