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No offense, but the "Search" option here sucks


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I can't even get good results on my own damn topics.

If I want to search this site, I usually have to just go on google and fuck around for a bit - I think that's is kinda shitty for a forum that takes donations.

I been on forums with more members, and less resources that have a better search function.

Not really trying to call you out Eric, just saying maybe this is something you should look into.

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Advanced Search works fine, but the basic search is bad. It's the forum software; has nothing to do with Eric.

Advance isn't much better.

I have to agree, the search is something Invision have overlooked in their last few updates. They really should take a look at improving it. The algorithm it uses is extremely resource intensive too which sucks.

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Yeah. And for some reason, topics that hasn't had any post in them for more than a year can't be found when pressing the "All topics by Satanisk_Slakt" in my profile. It used to be easy to find before the big forum update one and a half year ago.

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