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A hypothesis on the "hacked account"


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axl has burned fans too many times to have that tweet come up and not have a legit response from he himself and the tweet removed. people have too much money at stake. he could of just signed in as Dexter came on here and simply said "hey you big bunch of fags the shows aren't canceled I'll see you there" and that's the end of everything.

but GNR camp doesn't make decisions based on fans

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After all, I don't think it matters that the tweet wasn't deleted. There was one little tweet from a hacked account. But there were dozens of news stories of the hacked account but confirming that concerts were still on and confirmed with the venues. All free. Probably many stories from sources that might not have mentioned the tour at all, reaching many that might not have been thinking of GnR at all. So in the end, it's all good.

But wait, Heidi Montag has said that someone hacked her Twitter account as well. It's mayhem, I say, mayhem.

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