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Lostprophets call Axl and GNR a joke


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His opinion might mean something if his band didn't suck!

you mean to tell me people in kick ass bands can't have shit opinions?

One topic I agree with you in moreblack. People bashing this guy's opinion simply because they don't like his band is pathetic.

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I saw these guys, and other artists making comments of this nature. ...... . . . . and one of the first things I thought was, yes, Axl and GNR are kinda taking the piss and should really put more effort into these sorta situations. But then something sort of annoyed me about the Lost Prophets comments (and those by other artists)...and comparing their comments to those that were in the audience at Leeds & Reading (who fkn enjoyed the shows despite some of them not being dickhead fan boys like us) made me contemplate things a bit more.

End of the day, regardless what you think of Axl and him and his band turning up late (even though under the GnR banner being late an hour to an hour and a half really is to be expected), end of the day is. Axl and GnR can headline rock festivals while the lead man is 50 odd years old and the band members pretty much unknown.....

WHERE THE FUCK will the Lost Prophets and co. be in even 5 years time.....when they are still young men?????????? EXACTLY....they will be nowhere....bashing out shitty tunes never even considered to headline a festival.

End of the day is GnR were late on stage, and at a festival perhaps should be a little more considerate,...but jeeeeeesus, .... anyone taking all these powder pop groups input on the situation even remotely serious need to put things in perspective. GnR are essentially led (according to the general public) by and overweight botoxed has been..........yet this overweight botoxed has been can still command an audience that is essentially booing him, and make audiences eat out the palm of his hand.....with a band that doesn't include familiar members.

This is pretty fucking cool in reality. Bands like Lost Prophets, .....even if they are successful now (i honestly don't know them nor how they are doing) will be nothing in 5 odd years time....not even considered to be a side show to a free festival. SO yes, Axl and his GnR were late and bla bla bla,....for better or worse...but shit....you fuckers won't even be considered to attend a festival, let alone headline one, in 3 odd years. So who cares.

Axl does need to sort his shit out...turn up on time and rock these fuckers out. I don't care whether he treats us fans with respect or not,...but what he needs to do (as far as I'm concerned) is behave & deliver in a fashion that highlights why we have been supporting him for this long. Thats what I want to see,....even if it results in BOOS from random ppl.....Axl needs to please those that have stuck with him, and argued for him, through thick and thin..



something he doesn't seem to do.

I look forward to the day I can turn round to a bunch of ppl who take the piss and say SEE - THIS IS FKN ROCK N ROLL......THIS IS ROCKIN A FESTIVAL...THIS IS SHOWING WHO IT HE MAN.......

as apposed to defending a band i know can do this...



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Wow, they shit on Axl and the band, on camera! They're the biggest rebels in the entire world. Awesome.

Now l wish they had the balls to say that, Axl in front of them. But they don't have the balls to do that, and never will. Just another indie/alternative pseudo bullshit rock, who don't realize they'll be completely forgotten in a few years.

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