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Who misses robin finck?

Trent Reznor and the guy who sells cat in the hat sox. Also the guys that sell pancake face paint.

Who the fuck was Robin Fink? wasnt he the guy that was supposed to be Axls choice for replacing Slash?Yeah..hmmm wonder what happened to his career? How many albums did he play on while he was in GNR? One? are you joking me? after ten years at the helm and he only has one album with Axl? Naww your shitting me....nobody really that serious about music and thier career would like to be that far from the spotlight.....he must have enjoyed the touring the world for two or three years at a time with Axl...what do you mean he didnt tour that much ..thats what lead guitartist do- they tour. ohhh i c the aborted tour in 2002 and the short tour in 2006. MAn I bet he made off like a bandit..hanging around the studio trying to come up those brilliant songs.

yeah but he did Better...

Really? "Better" now theres a blazing bit of guitar playing...must have wrote that when he was in Jr. high.

But didnt he look so cool in those cat in the hat sox and the facepaint with a shaved head? Yeah i totally grooved on his Slash imitation on Sweet Child.. he really sold the sizzle on that one. Made me forget about Guns and Roses and along with Buckethead I thought i was watching a Fellini flick.

ok enough sarcasm.. seriously we hardly knew Robin. Dont think his music is gonna be iconic like say the first thirty seconds of... Welcome to the Jungle or Sweet Child

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I was just listening to The Blues last night and realized how awesome that solo is, makes me wish he was still in the band, ya know.

SoD with Finck


SoD without Finck


Is my opinion.

Wow, watching that again reminds how much Axl's vocal performance has improved since 2006.

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Robin was very hit and miss. On CD, he was amazing. Like Jackie Moon said, his work on CD is better than anything on Slash's solo album and Libertad. The problem? His live Slash covers. For the most part they were an abomination. He and Fortus collectively ruined (Fortus still ruins the first) two of the three solos in "November Rain". He shit all over SCOM's solo too. It's a shame, because he played his own stuff in 2002/2006 much better than Ashba does now, but Ashba doesn't ruin the old songs that people actually go to the shows for.

So yes, I miss him for what he did on CD and for his performances of his own work, but his Slash covers can stay forgotten.

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Really didn't care for him originally. I cringed when I first realized the lead player was dressed in a space outfit and was also bald with one patch of hair. I especially thought his playing was unorthodox and well out of the realm of what DJ Ashba and Slash do with classic feel.

But I could appreciate how the new band was bore of his style, and to his credit, his style brought some cool fucking moments. You can hear on CD as well as The Ghosts Of Mars OST how Robin's stuttering attack of the guitar gives him a presence that you either appreciate or discard.

He's joined the rest of the country in unemployment.

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I liked Robin on some songs and not so much on other songs. SOD was one of his best lead parts though.

Robin had a cool style & feel to his playing , though a bit sloppy at times. But as a whole, DJ ' sound and his persona on stage just fits much better with GNR than Finck did.

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