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80's Hardcore


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You KNOW I love me some hardcore Zint! Though I must admit, it's been a while since I've had a real hardcore phase. Some of my favorites:

The Misfits

McRad (More of a skate-punk band, but whatever)

Minor Threat

Bad Religion (How Could Hell Be Any Worse through Against The Grain, only a handful of good songs after ATG)

Millions Of Dead Cops (Most intense show I've ever been to)

BL'AST! (SST band most people have never heard of)

Bad Brains

Dead Kennedys


SS Decontrol


The list goes on and on. There's just so many amazing hardcore bands.

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Millions Of Dead Cops

I saw MDC around 1984...they were kind of dickheads,or in a shitty mood.

But killer fucking show though...hmmm,might have a recording of it,not sure.

They were all very cool when we saw them last year. Went with a bunch of my friends in the Rochester punk scene, and they spent an hour or so talking to us after the show. But Chuck Treece from McRad is the nicest guy I've met in the punk scene. They played in Rochester in December, and he brought along like 2 cases of McRad CD's for everyone at the show to have, no cost. He hung out with us literally all night, just telling us stories and stuff (He's also a pro skater, and most of us in the Rochester scene are skateboarders too). Went on a milkshake run at 3 AM to a local diner, then he crashed for the night on my best friend's couch. Was a great night, needless to say!

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Guest Len B'stard

Y'know i never classed Black Flag as hardcore, i think they were too big for the definition. On paper hardcore is stifling as a genre but when you look into it there's an energy and an integrity and indeed a musicianmanship to it that is difficult not to fall in love with it. I love it, it's like..it comes in bursts and it's generally so tight musically its like...damn.

Hardcore bands though? A lot of the ones already mentioned actually.

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NYHC is REAL hardcore.

Don't know if you were there to experience it,but it was all pretty intense.

No, but just hearing the music, the lyrics, and everything from these bands with nothing to lose, and less to gain, it just stands out as something that really was wild and out of control in a way that still made sense.

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